Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcoming him into the world

It all begin when Dawson was infant baby we had no idea he had hemophilia at the age of six months .Dawson was getting swallowen hands with bruises all over it so big he could barely hold his baby bottle when his mom bought it to the family doctors attention she told her its just bug bite well dawson s mom though it seem werid it come and go every so often . So when she went in again for dawson s check up s she told the doctor she wanted tests done she told his mom no his too young for being tested for anything . Well time pass by and one nite at the age of two years old Dawson was crying mostly all nite long his mom thought it was odd because dawson sleeps threw the nite and barely ever cries unless hes hungry or something . So she ask him to come into her bedroom he cried back he cant move so she ran into his bedroom and carry him into the livingroom to see whats going on she couldnt notice anything so she rush him into the hosptail . They looked him over and notice his knee was swalloen so they took some blood work and x ray s on his knee and than ultrasound too and than they notice fluid on his knee they told ms vail dawsons knee would have to be drained she felt sick to her stomach known her baby would have to get his knee drained then shortly after the doctor came back in and told her they were gonna admit him into the hosptail until they fingure out what cause this two weeks go by and then a nurse comes in and tells ms vail the news that her son has hemophilia a she had no idea on what that was . So they begin him on factor eight because he has hemophilia a lucky canada covers treatments which the nurse has told her and given her a booklet to read on about hemophilia . From that day on they struggle money wise and health wise with dawson she couldnt finish school finding it hard to get the time to go since it seemed they lived in the hosptail alot of the time . At one point they told her she may have to go Iwk hosptail in halfiax to get his port a cath put in because he was a strong young boy whom wouldnt allow nurses give him full treatment so he kept repeating bleeds in his knee . Now Dawson is eight years old and also been also now dealing with ADHD with no meds at all his doctor recommonds not to give it to him . So as most know hyper boys lover to do things their not suppose to so from jumping to climbing on things makes it hard to settle him down and he ends up with bleeds in his knees and ankles making it so his being forced into a wheelchair from weeks and weeks . What ms vail has learned from all this is God will only give you what you can handle which been more than she thought herself she can bare as a single mom jumping from home to home and job to job and realtionship to realtionship it doesnt seem it will ever end . So she thinks from time to time but than she releaize a young boy brings her joy and love to her heart and wouldnt trade it for the world. Shes currently still at stay at home army wife whom trying her best to get to work outside the home which isnt coming easy but shell still keep her faith is all she runs on .

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  1. I know that some people have had good results from watching what foods they give to their ADHD kids, maybe you can find some information on the internet to help? I am amazed by the drama that you had to go through to get him diagnosed. You are getting stronger every day and things are going to get better with time. Hugs!