Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girls can play games too

Well as most of you ladies know 90% of the time we think its always men playing head games with us and breaking our hearts . Did you ever think ladies do it too ive seen it time and time again these young guys trying their hardest to win the girl over by spending tons of money on them and expressing their feelings to them and once its all out in the open the man s heart gets stomp on . Yes I said man  . Men have feelings too and when they show them doesnt mean their gay and odd isnt that what a female wants a man to be so loving and caring and tell you how they feel about you or is it the facts true a girl rather have a bad ass boy whom dont show anything at all. Well ladies gotta start learning to stop playing the game before its too late and something back fires on you and burns you in the ass in the end . If someone s intrested in you and your not intrested in them period let them know before dragging them on while they are wasting time with you when someone else is out their searching for a soulmate like him . Girls play it alot harder than men and its sicken and they wonder why they get a bad name .

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