Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hate Playing guessing games

Well recently had a parent teacher meeting with my son s school last week. Weve begin to wonder on what to do with his learning issues and behavior problems in and outta school it seems weve been struggleing with this issue off and on since he was five years old but than again yes it doesnt help him moving from place to place and jumping from school to school and realtionship after realtionship with his mommy . Weve done 123 magic program and other parenting programs nothing seems to work  especially having social worker after social worker brought into the home trying to get him onto a good routine and postive outlook on life . We once again booked appointment with his doctor since people are given me ideas that he maybe not adhd  and maybe austim so I dunno whats gonna take place at this appointment ive found check list online for me to do for learning disablities and austim so we will take it from there I guess .

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