Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great role modles leaves footprints on your heart

Its seem the ones the mean the most to you and such a short time must leave earth to head on home because god is calling for them to come on home. I gotta say Ive gotten ask for a better grandmother and aunt when these two ladies were brought into my life they help me threw so many hard times and still til this day I wish they were here we miss them dearly . My nanny dora was like a mom to me and aunt cherly she was like a friend I never had as for me when I was in school I was tease alot for my height and because my up bringing wasnt so pleasant .

Another I love  to talk to from time to time is my aunt whom also is my god mother nancy she amazes me shes been threw so much in her life with her mental illness shes an angel I wish she lived closer to me truely I do .

Wow theres just so many ive been bless with close friend whom help me Ive couldnt thank more would be Tom and alfred  they were their for me when others wasnt when i was thinkin on given up on life they help me threw . And someone or somehow why I keep thinking on how lucky i am to have such amazing man in my life in such short two years and made up for the times Ive been down and out and given me soo much love and ineffection  And am glad now weve stuck together threw these hard times and starting over lives over with our children this is our family and weve been blessed with this great kids .Im sure some day we will be on our own two feet and be able to have better luck with income suitations . Ive always wonder if love can grow without money he surely showed me it can we kept together threw .I CANT  wait to spend the rest of my life with you .

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