Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hemophilia day 2010

On apirl 18 2010 We went to local mall at cfb gagetown nb area to raise awareness to people about hemophilia .We made our own t shirts and Poster too and I was very disappointed in the lack of intrest to people whom walked on by and wouldnt look at us or even when my son offer them pamphlet they shook their heads no and kept walking . Im hoping in year 2011 will be differnt and hoping to have more people with me to attend this event . I wanna make  people aware of this I find theres not alot information out the to inform people on whats going on .I hear some people say years ago they use to see commericals on tv about it but now I see nothing at all. MY GOAL 2011 IS TO Do awarness in a public place and also begin a walk for hemophilia

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