Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In summer of 2010 we were just getting ready to bring Dawson to camp and than boom our power was cut off because we were struggling to make ends meet  .So my finace had to go to another city for a second job to try come up with the money to cover the bills since Im having issues with finding a job outside the home for years main thing is finding a babysitter to come inside the home noone is willing to look after a child with special needs for mid wage since I can not fork out $20 an hour for caregiver . So I try to work from home selling everything from avon to candles but finding custmoers living outside the city limits isnt gonna come easy I know first hand been there done that . So we call media news rooms etc noone would give an helping hand because election was going on so we called nb power back trying to make them a deal and explaining why its so important the power had to be left on due to his med s were inside our fridge and had to be kept a certain tempture would they nope not until full amount we own was paid upfront grrrr .So this is second year weve miss his camp trip wishing and hoping for a better year to come so I try and raise funds to help us get him there and back plus items thats is needed for his camping trip for hemophilia camp.  So lesson learned and we now had to sign contract with the company explaining why it may not happen again .

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