Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Thought s

What make s me the happiest on such a horrble day is looking into my son s big blue eyes known how grateful i am to have such a wonderful child. Hes my world hes amazes me on how smart and strong he is especially with all weve been threw in these past eight years . Some things in life I wish I change but theres one thing for sure I wouldnt is given birth to amazing baby boy whom makes everyone smile when he winks those big eyelashes at you . He s so funny he kepts saying lately on how he cant wait to be a teenanger he keeps  counting and saying to everyone five more years Ill be 13 and ill be a teenager to be thats kinda scary thing known my baby boy has grown up into such a handsome man . So when Im feeling down and out these are thoughts that always go threw my head . I dont care what others think of me as a mother when a little boy reaches for his mommy and doesnt wanna let go and says he loves me and wants to live with mommy forever I know ive must done something right . And thats letting my child know I love him no matter what and will do whatever I can for him to live a long and happy decent life .

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